Automatic High Speed Single Side Sticker Labelling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine is mainly used for bottles, Jars and any kind of Flat Containers.


1. Automatic single side sticker labeling mach.( 100ml-1000ml)
2. Label size-30-150mm(H)
3. Labels roll dia-295mm dia.
4. Labeling capacity-60-80 bottles/min,(Depending upon size and label control feeding for flat container)
5. Label Dispenser -2 Nos advance PLC controller Stepper Motor Based.
6. Power Supply- 1 Kw,Single Phase,230v,50Hz,AC supply.


1. No container No label.
2. Accurate Labeling on flat container.
3. Construction-Main machine in SS-304 and Aluminum.
4. Advance Stepper motor based label dispensing system.
5. Advance PLC Based control system.
6. Auto Label length measurement.
7. Inbuilt product counter.
8. Imported product and label sensor.
9. AC Drive for speed control.
10. Suitable for Glass, Pet and HDPE Bottle.
Total Synchronized with stepper motor and AC motor with single speed variation port. Inbuilt speed indicator and counter. No Change part required. Programable MMI unit (Our own programming). Imported sensors used for lables and containers.

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